SkinCoin is a universal crypto currency in the gaming industry. This is a new secure payment method, which emerged to replace the skins.
SkinCoin Liquidity

SkinCoin high liquidity allows users to freely exchange skins for SkinCoin and vice versa on the SkinCoin Exchanger platform, or for Bitcoin on crypto-ex- change platforms.

All transactions can be recorded in the block chain and tracked by a wallet number.

Add SkinCoin as a complementary payment method on your site; SkinCoin will become the main means of payment very soon in the eSports industry.

SkinCoin Service Payment module will give you an opportunity to accept SkinCoin and Ethereum for payment.

SkinCoin is used like independent currency on gaming web site. You can do shopping and pay services on web sites by means of SkinCoin or swap gaming skins for SkinCoin and vice versa with a minimum fee on the exchange planform

Skin swap for SkinCoin is much profitable than skin sales on the trading platform and payment services, which accept skins as a payment with the loss of 40% on the Steam price.

SkinCoin Exchange Service

At the beginning of September, 2017, the SkinExchange service will be launched for instant skins exchange to SkinCoin and back.

Exchange of game items on SkinCoin and back at a fixed cost of -20% of the Steam price.

Skin Exchanger service will allow users to quickly exchange items from CS:GO and Dota 2 games.

Exchange service fee -0%

Website Security
Websites that use gaming skins as a payment method or accept them as bets face the risk of falling under Valve ban. Using SkinCoin for payments on a website provides high security for a receiving website due to the avoiding of skins usage inside a website.
If a user wants to withdraw SkinCoin from a website or exchange for skins, you do not need to create a store with skins inside your site and constantly care about the availability of a large assortment of items. You can exchange SkinCoin for skins and vice versa at SkinExchanger service.
We do NOT charge a commission from the partners' sites for accepting and sending SkinCoin.
SkinCoin Holders

Having launched the universal SkinCoin crypto currency, we have already received a large solvent audience, which is waiting for the token development and the addition of new partnering websites and platforms. At the end of August 2017, the SkinCoin token is already traded on some of the most popular platforms.

Of course, we are negotiating the addition of SKINCOIN token to several large crypto-exchange platforms.

You can trade SkinCoin to BTC or ETH here!
Offer for Partners
$100,000 worth promotion campaign for free!
Websites which integrate SkinCoin as a payment method will participate in a large-scale promotion campaign in September-November
On Streams
Expected number of contacts with the CIS audience
28 000 000
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On Tournaments
Expected number of contacts with the world wide audience
10 000 000
Tournaments & International Teams

SkinCoin WCA EU Qualifications

SkinCoin Ultimate Series by SLTV

Prize pool
What YOU Get...
  • Mentioning your website by commentators in the speech modules

  • Displaying the partner on the stinger (splash) when changing frames during the broadcast of the tournament

  • Mentioning the partner in the chat-bot during the broadcast

  • Mentioning your website in the announcements of tournaments on major informational platforms:

  • Your site on social networks of participating teams (top 20 world teams)

  • Sharing the partner's link on the Skincoin exchanger website

  • Giveaway on platform

  • Your logo on the stream

Guidelines for SkinCoin Connection
Accept & Pay
To accept and pay, SKINCOIN users need to connect the payment module - SkinCoin Payment Service. Get SkinCoin payment module on GitHub.
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It's very easy to start accepting Skincoin. Just get SkinCoin payment module on GitHub and within hours you will be able to accept skins, SkinCoins and Ethereum!
Remember, that websites which integrate SkinCoin payment service will participate in amazing $100, 000 worth promotion campaign for free!
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